The cyber bully is my neighbour// Leafyishere X Reader

The cyber bully is my neighbour// Leafyishere X Reader

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try to think By BlokkiIsTheBunny Updated Apr 06, 2017

A story in where things go downhill at about CH 20 (:
(Y/N) was just a girl who had just started YouTube. She had wanted to become successful on it as like every other person.

One day while recording a video, her neighbour gets a bit too loud and she gets a bit mad.

After visiting this person, it feels as if everything only gets worse by each passing, second, minute, hour and even day.

And its true, a day comes which surprises (Y/N) when the most unexpected thing happens.

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- - May 02, 2017
Is it wrong that I have a friend that kinda looks like Leafy and I call him Dad and Daddy and he's completely fine with that?
RoyalFuck RoyalFuck Aug 03, 2016
Well it's long. So why would I bother to tell him? No it's more like I forgot what channels name ad don't bother to try to remember anymore