The Only Daughter of Artemis(Rewriting)

The Only Daughter of Artemis(Rewriting)

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Yzzy By swiftie24 Updated Dec 24, 2014

Alice was the new girl in Camp Half-Blood and she is getting more attention than she would ever dream of. She was the daughter of Artemis, Crazy I know but she was the only blessed daughter of the Olympians, therefore she was just implanted into her mother's stomach. Artemis did not break her vow as a virgin goddess. and in case you were wondering, no. She isn't a demigod but a goddess herself.

She is now on a quest to kill her father who was now trying to slowly destroy the world. But not just the Greek world, the entire 9 realms.


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what does AC stand for? I might sound stupid, but I'm foreign.
LemonadeTheFifth LemonadeTheFifth Aug 20, 2016
Please don't be offended. I think your punctuation and grammar can be improved. That would make the story better. I'm just telling you this to help you.
swiftie24 swiftie24 Apr 01, 2015
@PoisonIvy8  Okay.I know you're hanging on to your pride but please!Take it somewhere else!
swiftie24 swiftie24 Apr 01, 2015
@PoisonIvy8  Look Mundane,her huntresses are JUST her HUNTRESSES!They are not adopted!Do you think you have to make a freaking oath to be adopted?! I've been studying acient greek and roman mythologies since i was 4 and I KNOW that for a fact that they are JUST FOLLOWERS!!!! Got that Pansycake?
PoisonIvy8 PoisonIvy8 Mar 31, 2015
First off. There is not just one daughter, they are called the huntress of Artemis! Get your facts straight.
swiftie24 swiftie24 Nov 22, 2013
Here is the additional sorry if im not updated i just had school