The One Who Changed It All |✓|

The One Who Changed It All |✓|

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#92 in teen fiction - 24/4/18

Some people bring out the worst in you and some the best but there is that one person who brings out almost everything  and gets you addicted to them to an extent that you will follow them straight to hell just to be with them .
   Angel Falco is an ordinary, shy , sweet girl who has a good reputation, good grades, great friends and a sweet boyfriend Alex . But what happens when she finds out Alex is not as good as she thinks?.And what happens when she falls in love with her boyfriend's friend Cole who is handsome as hell and an egoistic bad guy. 

   Follow Angel in her journey of falling in love, getting her heart broken and discovering herself.


Hi guys! This is the first time im writing so im going to try my best to write  Something that you will enjoy reading. 
I will be updating the chapters as I finish them probably one chapter a week or maybe more  as I'm still a student and need to study. 

Please read, like, comment, point out my mistakes, follow , vote , feel free to say whatever you think and enjoy!

Lots of love and bear hugs😘