Corrupting Gee Way ♡ Frerard

Corrupting Gee Way ♡ Frerard

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🍂 By vampirexchild Updated Jun 12

Gee Way, only 16 years old, has been sheltered all of their life. Meaning no internet, not much human contact, and being kept away from everything a normal teenager uses in order to function. Their innocence is what everyone hates about them. 

Frank Iero, also 16 years old, is the definition of trouble and charm. Beautifully flawed, everyone loves Frank for what he's not.

And Frank's newfound mission is to teach Gee Way everything they have been missing out on, even if everything get awfully complicated. 

(Continuation of Corrupting Gee Way, the author gave me the book.)

ilovesea04 ilovesea04 Jun 30
I couldn't imagine any negativity towards your amazing writing
psychoiero psychoiero Feb 11
if I had to pick probably jimmy eat world or the offspring. Although all of frank's bands are some of my favorites ever
clownsteeth clownsteeth Nov 03, 2016
i'm 14, usually mistaken as 16/17 by my looks and occasionally older
- - Feb 10
did the original author change their name? because i can't find them
clownsteeth clownsteeth Nov 03, 2016
my birth name is zoe but it holds bad memories and it makes me uncomfortable so i changed it to dakota
cool mate my birth name is ava but with recent gender discoveries i am thinknjng about changing it to something like finn, maybe ifk