Overwatch X Reader

Overwatch X Reader

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ChaoticParagon By ChaoticParagon Updated Aug 29, 2016

Requests are open!
First things first: I'm not too fond of sharing, and therefore will not be doing any Junkrat x readers. Sorry loves!
I'm going to write all of these from a  gender neutral so that everyone can enjoy them. Unless told otherwise of course.
I will not do smut.
Please give me a specific scenario when you request, or I'll figure something out.

Happy reading!

I do not own Overwatch in any way, shape, or form; all credit goes to Blizzard for that.
I do not own any of the artwork used in any part of the story.
And most importantly, I don't own you.

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XX_Temmie_XX XX_Temmie_XX Dec 27, 2017
The day I ship McHanzo, turns into this? I'm not sad, or happy, I'm mad cuz' MCREE DOESN'T WANNA BE NICE AND NOT GIVE ME GUILT
Why is this me!? I get mad so easy and over the smallest things
K1565421 K1565421 Aug 03, 2017
I may not be a shimada but I do possess the dragons wrath and fire. Watch out Hanzo or your precious bow might be in flames.
XX_Temmie_XX XX_Temmie_XX Dec 27, 2017
Can be the nicest thing ever
                              Will murder everyone on the planet
                              GET YOU A MAN THAT CAN DO BOTH
BlaZeBiTs BlaZeBiTs Sep 14, 2016
Yea, My writing is total BS and I don't write RanFics, just plots that come to my mind that I share with friends
Arthrodoxxian Arthrodoxxian Nov 06, 2016
Nah. I'd always be murderous to my teammates. But as long as they don't touch my phone and stay tf out of my room: I'm good.