Savage Heart | N.S |

Savage Heart | N.S |

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NiallStyles By babydollnh Updated Nov 26

"Why are you giving me money for killing your husband?" Harry groaned while he served himself another drink. "Just do what I told you, yeah? It's an easy target" 

"But sir-" he was interrupted when harry slam his hands on the table. "Liam" his voice was relaxed but you could tell that he was pissed off. 

"I want Niall out of my life, I can't stand that kid anymore. They forced me to get married with him but I want him dead. Make it look like it was an accident, yeah" Harry waved his hands at Liam like it was a normal thing but really Liam was a hired assassin. 

The problem is that Liam doesn't want to kill Niall. 


Narry AU 
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I love how she's like "he is lying" it gets me every time 😂😂😂
Does anyone cringe at zouis stories like I used to love them but not its just weird
capitate capitate Sep 24
perks of being canadian tho... americans arent allowed in cuba lmao