Control Lost (Book Four)

Control Lost (Book Four)

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There's one more vampire out loose on the streets of Mystic Falls--And it's Alex Gilbert's sister, Elena! 

After thinking she was actually dead, Alex finds out the truth about her older sister, and that the Gilbert Girls are both vampires now, Alex just now recovering from having her free will taken away, and then feeling abandoned, shied away from everyone and everything that made her who she was, but after dying as a vampire and being brought back to life because of her link to Klaus and Elena becoming a vampire, she doesn't think she has a choice except to go back into her old life--with with a Petrova family curse looming over their heads, threatening not just their whole lives, may be it romantic, emotional or physical, but their best friends and family too. 

Maybe that's why they were cursed with two blessings of the Salvatore Boys, and then being torn apart. They were cursed from the start, and now they know why, but can Alex and Elena be there for each other forever when it's hard for anyone of them to know how they truly feel? Is it all just the curse, or the sire bond, or is it something more? 

Who will they end up with, and who will they know who are their true friends in the end?

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MyTroubledMind MyTroubledMind Aug 02, 2016
That would be the best but the book is already written, so...
Aalu123 Aalu123 Apr 27, 2016
Damon and Alex it's more cliche as well cause Damon and Alex such a big bond after elena and her family
lex_fern4 lex_fern4 Sep 02, 2016
Klex. I'm just curious is Alex also going to be sired to Damon bc in the last book Stefan repeatedly said that he was the only person she listened too
- - Jul 19, 2015
Is there cause that would be awesome if Alex feel for Klaus and all ;)
-Sampson -Sampson Jul 20, 2014
A. I can imagine this going on in the show as I read it. I would like to see stalex because I love the moments between them that you wrote.
Lori_anna23 Lori_anna23 Feb 07, 2014
I want stalex to happen already I hate elena and damon in season 4 their so selfish ugh I just want to punch elena in the throte  period lol hahaha but seriously I want stalex to happen them to kiss or something since damon and elena have kissed before god please