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SPNConsumedMyLife By Desteil_SPN Updated Oct 11

Hiccup is chosen to kill the Monstrous Nightmare in front of Berk, when suddenly Galaxy colored Vortex opens in the arena. They are sucked in and are knocked unconscious in the process. They wake up in a unfamiliar room with a unfamiliar person that was wearing unfamiliar clothes and had an unfamiliar name along with a unfamiliar- meh, let's start that again

This is a normal "HTTYD reacts to their movie" fan fiction only is more realistic. Like there's no OOC and they will notice and react to what they will usually react too with accurate reactions..

Since this is before hiccup and Astrid take the flight, there will be no hiccstrid

(Plus I absolutely hate hiccstrid and Astrid with a burning passion)

Updates are Radom

I might finish this whole book without stopping (except for breaks) or I might update today, then in 2 months, then the next day, then completely forget about this book until next year..

Ps, this book mostly focuses on Hiccup/Toothless bonding, and Hiccup/Stoick fighting cuz I love violence!

ambi2006 ambi2006 Oct 13
Plzzzz tell meh ur firing a gun 🔫🔫!!!!?????!!!!!!! 😎
I used to like hiccstrid but now I hate it. Hiccup shouldn't need astrid to do things. He's amazing. He shouldn't rely on her. Plus she's constantly hurting him and "teasing" I don't mind people shipping them but I hate that almost every story has hiccstrid
Angelic254 Angelic254 Sep 06
I love your writing style!!!!! I have a feeling you and I will be beeeeest friends 😝 I'm also a random and crazy one!
Alicorn1357 Alicorn1357 Nov 23
Hiccup's right in this seen I saw him hold a bunch of weapons ☝️️
I suggest you take that back, unless, you want angry fangirls tearing your throats out
Oh my gods this is amaZhang *starts rambling and super fangirling*