Demons ➴ Jim Moriarty

Demons ➴ Jim Moriarty

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"Sebastian is DEAD, Victoria! He's DEAD!" Jim had yelled out in a fit of anger. His eyes were wide in anger, with his teeth gritting lightly while turning to the girl. His eyes softened as he saw her cowering slightly. She was crying now, without any sounds escaping her. She was terrified of the man before her. He was no longer that man she knew.

"I know he's dead, because if he was alive- you'd be under control!" Victoria had screamed loud enough for James to feel it in his chest that he screwed up. He needed to be under control and she showed him that. She had laughed bitterly before she ran a hand roughly through her hair, before turning to the door. And, without another word, she left. But, this time James let her leave.


Sebastian Moran died. That was it. His legacy was over. He was a partner to James in crime, and he was the only one who kept James under control. And, by under control I mean not a threat to himself. But, now that Sebastian is gone- James is stuck alone. There's only one Moran left that he knows. Victoria Moran. She was practically a saint, still too young to know of all the sins that James and Sebastian had made. 

That intrigues Jim. It makes him want to ruin her. It makes him want to know how she'd help him. It made him want to discover everything about her. But, Victoria slowly finds out that Jim isn't some sweetheart out to swoon or work with her. He was out to kill her- mentally. Jim takes Victoria in as a apprentice- but she didn't know for what.

But, the more the two spend time together- the more Jim wants to hide his demons for her. And, the more Victoria wants to fix Jim. 

She has to remember to not get to close to him though,

because the inside of his work is dark.

||Inspired by the song Demons by Imagine Dragons||
||Mature themes such as swearing and gore. Violence and some self harm may be included too. Viewer discretion advised||
||Cover is edited by @Dipperx, images not owned by me||

Someone's an ID fan..tho it was obvious even without the bold 😊