neighbours • dolan twins

neighbours • dolan twins

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alexandra mellet

"good morning class, we have a new student. want to introduce yourself?" the teacher smiled and took a step to the side, letting everyone see me, I was the spotlight in the classroom for about thirty seconds.

"i'm alex." I smiled nervously. everyone just went back to their work and I made my way to the empty desk at the back. I sat awkwardly as the guys kept looking to check out the new girl to see if she was hot or not. the girls judged my clothes and me in general, I just tried to ignore the stares flowing around the room.

"hey, having a good day." I felt a tap on my right shoulder. I turned to see a guy, he was good looking but he is just looked annoying.

"not really." I rolled my eyes and turned back around.

he used his hand to push my hair away from my face and he whispered to me, "I could make it better."

"could you not." I snapped at him, pulling my hair from his hand.

"come on baby girl, don't play hard to get."

"i'm not playing 'hard to get', I just do...

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1Deverland 1Deverland Jan 06
See when a mommy and daddy love each other very mu- oh wrong conversation
                              I was trying to be funny lmao but I'm not😂😭💀
FatherGrantSawhore FatherGrantSawhore May 29, 2017
My name is in the book OMFG😱😱😱😱😱😱😏😏😏
dolantwinsfan14 dolantwinsfan14 Jul 02, 2017
me: nooooo why the docs!!!!!!! why a skirt!!!!! (im kinda a tomboy but and pretty much the shoes i wear the most are converse) also i kind of wanted her to dress casual so grayson can see she doesnt care u know like a bad-ass
1Deverland 1Deverland Jan 06
Its great love I haven't read fanfics in so long so this is refreshing
xixKenzxix xixKenzxix Aug 06, 2017
Mhmm....sure she is grayson. *pats his back* good luck with that
DolanGirl03 DolanGirl03 Sep 03, 2016
Me when I like someone at school. They hate me but I love it😂❤️