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Its been a year since the infection hit. Everyone... just gone in the blink of an eye... And now every day for me is just another twenty-four hours in this living nightmare that just won't end. 

I'm alive, if you can call this living, but every second of every day is a struggle. I survive, but barely. What else can I do? Maybe I'm just to much of a coward to end this... I'm not built for this world, not the way it is now.

~Corporal Nathan Tailor.

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OmiasTree OmiasTree Jan 26, 2012
@SaraHowell the story isn't over yet, I'm posting it as I write it, or rather as I have time to write it haha. I will finish it eventually, currently school and other things are eating up most of my writing time :/
SaraHowell SaraHowell Jan 26, 2012
This is very nice, but I would love it if there was an ending! This is a LOT better than mine! It's the first story I have read entirely (on watt pad) and actually enjoyed!
OnceMoreIntoTheFray OnceMoreIntoTheFray Jan 16, 2012
Great story; you need to update it because your fans and I love it! When that last part ended at the humvi, I was begging for more...
OmiasTree OmiasTree Jan 08, 2012
@Junivolution haha it wasn't when I wrote it... But you can imagine that if you want! :)
- - Jan 08, 2012
Hmmm, it was snowing? Because that was the atmosphere I created in my mind. Although is very nice and very detailing.
Dizzie6185 Dizzie6185 Dec 30, 2011
Woahhh. I love this! Great detail! And the way they just shot him and continued on without so much as second thought! Loved it! Deffinately reading more!