Our Savior (Draft One)

Our Savior (Draft One)

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Grace M. By LunaLynn16 Completed


An ancient prophecy foretells of a Savior. A winged Savior with golden blood who will save Gardelle from the evils of the world. For one thousand years, nothing seems to be wrong. Nobody understands why such a Savior is needed.

  Until the Savior is found, and the attacks start.

  Secrets. Treason. Lies. Deceit. What's really going on in Gardelle?

Highest ranking: #251 in Fantasy (As of October 2, 2016)

*Please note that this isn't a story about angels, though a certain character is pretty similar to one.

It was at this moment, the king knew, he found Our Savior! Lol
splashgreen splashgreen Aug 05
Lol has she never bled before? How come this is the first time she noticed her blood is gold? Is this a thing that just changes in her and once it was red but now it's gold? What triggers it? Does she come from a fancy bloodline or something? Did one of her parents get freaky with an angel?
LunaLynn16 LunaLynn16 Sep 18
I just realized that they probably wouldn't know anything about Greek mythology if it's in another world...
splashgreen splashgreen Aug 05
How does he not fall asleep tho I mean really? All he gets to do is sit and watch
I know it's just a typo, but take out the quotations after 'grin'
                              Also, I don't know if you know this, but to make changes, you can unpublish your chapter and then republish when you're finished editing.
I'd change the very first sentence of the paragraph. Maybe "The king clears his throat once again" or "For the second time, the king clears his throat"