A mountain. -A Corisk Story

A mountain. -A Corisk Story

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(N)Emo By YinYang199 Completed

"Just give it some time." He said.

"You'll forget me in no time." He said. 

I wish he knew how wrong he was...


It's been a few years after Cory's supposed  death. 

He actually died five years before I fell.

Everyday after Cory's death I would visit is grave. 

His grave was on top of Mt. Ebbot. 

No one knew how he died. No one could find his body.

All we knew was he was dead.

So everyday I would climb and visit his grave. 

Until the day I fell. 

That was the best and worst day of my entire life.

((Cover art not mine))

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  • asgore
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  • cory
  • frisk
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SofiaDeve SofiaDeve Aug 12, 2016
It's like TravLyn if one of them die they die together!!!!!!!
cyantifica11y cyantifica11y Dec 20, 2016
I don't know why, it's only the prologue & beginning & it's so simply written, but yet I feel like crying
AphmauFandomSoldier AphmauFandomSoldier Dec 16, 2016
                              Ivy (from Aphmau) *Raises Hand*
                              Me:*Pulls out gun and shoots her without mercy*
- - Jul 05, 2016
I should have looked at the art and known it was Cory as narrator chara