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Rejected {Sabriel}

Rejected {Sabriel}

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Sam By ErinaceousFlower Completed

Sabriel (SamxGabriel) Supernatural HS AU
A nerd, a prankster, and a thirst for revenge. After being rejected by their crushes, Sam Winchester and Gabriel Novak team up to extract vengeance. Through ping-pong balls, silly string, and spray paint, they make the girls' lives miserable.

But soon their friendship turns into something else. Gabriel finds himself falling for the quiet nerd, and Sam finds himself in denial about his feelings for the candy-loving trickster.

**Warning: Rainbows and Fluff ahead. Proceed with caution.**

same. it's almost 3am here and I have french homework to finish but here I am and I know it's worth it
iM-not_fine iM-not_fine Mar 30
I was still reading this in Sams POV and was very confused by the comments.
SepticRaven SepticRaven Mar 22
This was me when I go to certain restaurants with attractive waitresses, what's funny is my parents have never noticed my joint focus
When your combo is 23-5-35 and you are freaking the helł out
I'm on front lines and pick the other team off like cattle. *smirks maliciously* And I rarely ever miss, if at all. No mercy.
iM-not_fine iM-not_fine Mar 30
We grade each other's math homework and I always switch with my friend. We both will fix what we can to help each other... 😬😀