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Rejected {Sabriel}

Rejected {Sabriel}

20.1K Reads 1.6K Votes 23 Part Story
Sam By ErinaceousFlower Completed

Sabriel (SamxGabriel) Supernatural HS AU
A nerd, a prankster, and a thirst for revenge. After being rejected by their crushes, Sam Winchester and Gabriel Novak team up to extract vengeance. Through ping-pong balls, silly string, and spray paint, they make the girls' lives miserable.

But soon their friendship turns into something else. Gabriel finds himself falling for the quiet nerd, and Sam finds himself in denial about his feelings for the candy-loving trickster.

**Warning: Rainbows and Fluff ahead. Proceed with caution.**

Season 11- episode 21? 20?
                              Don't call me Shurley was one of the best
Oi @Gabriels_Wings their breaking the fourth wall we need to get luci
This is how I feel on tests but I end up failing oops™™™
Kmj452 Kmj452 Jan 29
Lol I have triple gym classes every Monday I found out as of yesterday, that's half my day, and it's in a row so stfu
tricksters-moose tricksters-moose Dec 07, 2016
And then when its down to the last few people I sneak over to the out line so I don't have to play
This has been my tactic for three years and I'm always the last one in my team out