No More Ms. Nice Girl

No More Ms. Nice Girl

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lilmszssy7 By lilmszssy7 Updated Apr 16, 2013

Zoey Mills is a physically, emotionally, mentally, and sexually abused 16 year old girl. From the age of five she was abused by her father. Her mother tried to stop it, but she was hopeless, doomed. Now it is her junior year and she is just trying to make it through the year. With struggling grades, and boy problems she fears she'll never make it.

Taylor Wright is the seemingly perfect boyfriend. Sweet, romantic, and a true gentlemen.   He struggles with his relationship with his father, his father doesn't understand him, and his future. How could things get worse for him? Oh yeah Ryder Night.

Ryder Night is your typical bad boy. With both of his parents dead, he feels alone in the world, like no one understands him. He doesnt give a damn about anyone, until Zoey Mills. He feels connected to her, but they will find out that they're more connected then they expected. Not to mention that he doesn't trust her boyfriend. He thinks there is something fishy going on about him. And he'll do anything to figure it out.

Rachel Sullivan is Zoey Mills bestfriend. Ever since her abuse, they have stuck together as if their lives depended on it. But now it is junior year, and their friendship is falling apart. Rachel is tired of being alone, and unnoticed. And it seems like she'll do anything to get the attention that she seeks.