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☆★ Britt ★☆ By XoxoSnorkles Completed

For my Partner in Crime && Favorite cousin!!  XOXO

~~  ☆My first story ☆ ~~ It is R for a reason so if you don't read that stuff stop now... Ya have been warned.  ~~ Get over it... back button up there, press it.  :)) ☆ ~~

Here I sit once again, in trouble.  Go figure. Note the sarcasm there.  This damned man just doesn't get it, I could care less about this school, so what I flipped off that stupid ass jock.  Oh wait, this jack-ass does.  I mean come on, I could have knocked him out for that crap, he slapped my ass.  Of course, perfect timing, no one saw him do it, just me as I sent the bird flying.  It's bad enough these 'uniforms' are too short to cover anything.  Not that I'm a prude but, come on man, the wind blows too strong and these pervs might see my lacy undies.  Hey, now I know what you're thinking, why wear them, but a girl needs to feel sexy, right?  Off topic there... I'm waiting to see the new headmaster for the fifth time this year, hoping to not get another detention...

XoxoSnorkles XoxoSnorkles Aug 02, 2012
@dee2828 Thank you soo much!!  I'm working on it.. just slow go :)
dee2828 dee2828 Aug 01, 2012
Oooh i loved it !! And also the one shots are amazing too!! Write another soo  :)
XoxoSnorkles XoxoSnorkles Apr 26, 2012
@elenamoreno25 @jjaynrob  Thank you, Thank you!!! :))
                              @HeatherMCaldwell2407 ;p
                              @iheartdamonsalvatore Ikr!!  Ohh.. I wish I wish.. Hehe
XoxoSnorkles XoxoSnorkles Feb 02, 2012
@XmonicaX Hehe. . .  If I get this kinda of spanking I will be one!!!
XoxoSnorkles XoxoSnorkles Jan 23, 2012
@jjaynrob I felt like one writing this!  Hehe.  I actually wrote the ending just filling in between here..Hehe.  So glad you like it.
jjaynrob jjaynrob Jan 23, 2012
Yea this has soooooo much potential to be my favvvv story..... I Iove where it's going.... wonder what will happen next. I'm starting to feel like the giddy school girl!!!