When Does It End?

When Does It End?

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"You saying we have a future together?"
"I'm sure we'd have an incredible near future together, yeah."
"I'm not tryna date you for a season, Aidan."
"Neither am I, Aubrianna. But I can't exactly tell you that I want forever with you without sounding crazy."
"You just did."
Aidan widened his eyes.
"No way, really?"
"...Who's to say we'd even last a year let alone forever."
"We won't know, unless we try."
"So...theoretically speaking...you'd be happy to wait until we were married?"
"I'd take you to the altar the second you turned eighteen so yeah, I can wait two years."
My smile was slow.
"...You've always got your head in the clouds, Daniels."
"For someone of such strong faith, I'd say you don't have your head in the clouds often enough."

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

It is possible for something to be understood in our heads but not embraced in our hearts. - Dharius Daniels

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PoeticallyInsightful PoeticallyInsightful Mar 10, 2013
@AliyahhDeshayy this definantly isn't the end bae i'm just doin a lot right now, uni n everything i gotta study but ima try n upload soon, half the next chapters already done sooo
_brishaaa _brishaaa Mar 10, 2013
This cannot be the end... update plzzzz.. Aydan is finally putting his foot down.
PoeticallyInsightful PoeticallyInsightful Jan 02, 2013
@theunique_holly aww thanks, i haven't given up girl a nigga just be hella busy these days, lol ima try and upload soon tho
theunique_holly theunique_holly Dec 28, 2012
omg, please write the next chapter :( I need to know :( you are really talented, don't give up
PoeticallyInsightful PoeticallyInsightful Sep 17, 2012
@NaiLayy an oyster card is something we use in London so we can travel on buses. it's free for kinds but over 18's put money on the card so the can travel =)
PoeticallyInsightful PoeticallyInsightful Sep 01, 2012
@OfficiallyMisGuided i will, just been hella busy this holiday, sorry - all