The Demi-Wizard

The Demi-Wizard

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"WHY SHOULD WE?!!" Harry yelled, outraged.

"Harry, calm down-" Dumbledore tried saying [no, he is not dead].

"Calm down? CALM DOWN?!!" he shouted. "You're telling me to calm down after saying that we have to bring the grandson of the man who murdered my parents to Hogwarts?!!"

"Harry, please. If he really is evil, we can take him to Azkaban, but for now, we have to find him before Voldemort does. He is Voldemort's heir, so Voldemort should try to find him as soon as possible."

Harry glared. "Fine. When are we gonna go get V-G?"

Dumbledore raised his eyebrow. "V-G?"

"Voldemort's Grandson."

"Right now. Go get Ronald and Hermione to come, as well."

- - Aug 08
Leo? YOU ARE A GENIUS. If you're not the one who did this... you're getting soft!
fitz1326 fitz1326 Nov 30
Silly Percy, Pigfarts is on mars. I go there!!! Rumble roar is the greatest headmaster ever!!!!
Oh noooo, oh no honey noooo. Sally Jackson would get out of the underworld and come get you. I ain't even playin.
thornjinx23905 thornjinx23905 6 days ago
he's not gonna say any thing about how rude Harry is being??