The Demi-Wizard

The Demi-Wizard

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"WHY SHOULD WE?!!" Harry yelled, outraged.

"Harry, calm down-" Dumbledore tried saying [no, he is not dead].

"Calm down? CALM DOWN?!!" he shouted. "You're telling me to calm down after saying that we have to bring the grandson of the man who murdered my parents to Hogwarts?!!"

"Harry, please. If he really is evil, we can take him to Azkaban, but for now, we have to find him before Voldemort does. He is Voldemort's heir, so Voldemort should try to find him as soon as possible."

Harry glared. "Fine. When are we gonna go get V-G?"

Dumbledore raised his eyebrow. "V-G?"

"Voldemort's Grandson."

"Right now. Go get Ronald and Hermione to come, as well."

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Before you read, please know that it will never be updated because I won't use this account anymore. I am currently creating a newer version of this on my new account @/aboslutelyinspiring so please check it out there :) thank you!

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PrincessWriter123 PrincessWriter123 Jun 28, 2017
I am I surprised? No.
                              Did I laugh my butt off anyway?
spaceyrat spaceyrat Jul 04, 2017
SYShin02 SYShin02 Nov 16, 2017
Chill it Harry. Christ, you’re think Percy himself killed his parents
damRavenclaw16 damRavenclaw16 Oct 24, 2017
I can't even pronounce that, so I applaud Perce, my dearest brother, who always surprises me
PrincessWriter123 PrincessWriter123 Jun 28, 2017
We still sing this. I still sing this. I'll be in high school come fall. And then last year everyone sang the Little Einsteins song. I not kidding. Help me
Chara809 Chara809 Dec 04, 2017
I’d make all the food green so everyone would have to be reminded of my house, Slytherin.