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Zanvis | A Jealous Rage

Zanvis | A Jealous Rage

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Zane >.< By ZanvisShips Updated Jul 25, 2016

Travis arrives at Love~Love Paradise and Katelyn is the first to hang out with him. Zane goes into a jealous rage yet doesn't quite know why. What will happen in this rage-filled adventure?

cel_flower cel_flower Dec 05, 2016
                              just straight up
                              when a ship i dont like happens
                              just same
Lis-is-here Lis-is-here Jul 04, 2016
Thank you ✨Even though I don't know if I will be doing anything for the 4th of July this year... Hmm
Whatismylife1220 Whatismylife1220 Nov 06, 2016
aw is little dante all alone weres you little boyfriend vlyad?
WeronikaSobczyk5 WeronikaSobczyk5 Jul 04, 2016
Oh yeah I forgot it's 4th of July well happy 4th of July to you too!
spacearmygeneral spacearmygeneral Nov 02, 2016
I feel like he's becoming Garroth like how he smashes doors and stuff 😂😂😂