7 Sexy Sins

7 Sexy Sins

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#522 Romance 7/24/16
"Are you sure you can't stay?" Alec's low, libidinous voice coupled with the sweet vibrations it created against my skin sent waves of pleasure through my body. Oh, how I wanted to taste him again. 

He looked at me lustfully, the tip of his tongue gliding over his soft, delicious lower lip. He knew he was a tease and he was damn proud of it. That familiar smirk inched it's way across his handsome face as he awaited my reply. It was so hard to say no to him. He was too good. Too good with his hands. Too good with his mouth. Too damn good with his dick. 

Just looking at him, I knew I was going to spend the rest of the day and every moment after until our next encounter losing my mind in anticipation of seeing him again, touching him again, riding him again. I already couldn't wait to have him. 

7 Sexy Sins:

Some favors are too brazen not to have consequences. 
Bree and Alec are close friends. Friends with mind-blowing, delicious benefits, that is. The problem? Not only do they come from two families who despise each other, but also two companies that couldn't be bigger rivals. In public, Bree and Alec are complete opposites, taking every opportunity to showcase their disdain for one another. But in private, they can't keep their hands off each other, releasing their frustrations in the most salacious ways possible. But how long can they keep everyone convinced they hate each other? And what happens if the truth slips out?

From the bestselling author of Irresistible and Temptation, 7 Sexy Sins is sure to make you wish you had a friend with spicy benefits!

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Warning: This novel contains graphic sexual encounters and strong language. Reader discretion advised.

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❤️Your story is so interesting! I can't wait to read more! Keep up the good work love❤️😘🍵
Please keep writing this, I can't stop reading it! It's so good!
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LUVIN IT,.... Cliffhanger 😮OMG please update soon;-) this story is amazing:-)