the bad girl & the good boy [sample] | ✓

the bad girl & the good boy [sample] | ✓

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The Delinquent = Evelyn Jo. Born to be bad. She's broken the biggest rules of the law, definitely knows how to play boys, has done plenty of drugs, and is heavily tattooed and pierced.

The Nerd = Zavier Coin. Born a good boy. He's never done a single bad thing his entire life, hasn't had any experience with girls whatsoever, and hates needles and drugs of all things.

What happens when you put these two complete opposites in one house for a full year? Well, you'll most likely get it all; laughs and smiles, truths and lies, tears and jealousy, even fear and hatred, but above all - love?

Humor #8 + Teen Fiction #8
[rough draft] ©Karla Luna

You're about to enter the Sample of a now Published book. Last chapters have been removed due to copyright reasons, and can't be read anywhere else unless you buy it (yeah, I know).


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DirahDirah DirahDirah Mar 26
Ard can someone tell me how it ends for I won’t be guessing
Um, I think you mean CDO. In alphabetical order, as it should be.
I knew there was gonna be some dirty thoughts down here, you nasties
If dis bitch dares do this to a women who was so nice I'm gonna break her back bane style
I actually like this principal he da boss and not scared of anything
Galathyn Galathyn Jan 11