The Broken Boy (Septiplier)

The Broken Boy (Septiplier)

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💚AntiDarkiplier🖤 By Polariplier Completed

WARNING : Depression, Sad moments, Self harm, Abuse, Gore ETC  [This is also my first Story ever!] This is a Septiplier Story ~

Jack (As he prefers to be called) is already 1 year behind in school, it would've been more without his tutor (Dr Kjellberg) feeling bad for him. Jack comes to a new school because in his previous one he was being bullied and picked on too much from his disorders. His tutor follows him to what ever school he goes to.

Mark is a boy that couln't care less about school but he still has to go. He is infact 2 years behind along with his delusional friends, Bob, Wade and Ken (The bullies of the school). They thought it would be funny to fail on every test together and make everyone fear them. Mark is the head of the soccer team (at least he does something right) he is also the buffest (Most muscle) kid in the school, trust me no one will mess with these guys.

But there's a twist. Anti (Jacks demonic counterpart) might have done something wrong back in his time. He and Dark have come to the human world for unknown reasons, of course it is forbidden to tell Jack and Mark, so they unknowingly bring trouble with them. Something is slowly creeping out from the depths of hell.  

PS : I needed Jack and Mark to be in the same grade/classes and so since Jack is a year younger and a year behind i needed to put Mark 2 years behind (that's the reason).

The Broken Boy


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creepypastalover5676 creepypastalover5676 Dec 24, 2017
This is just like when my dad left..
                              TO GO GET PIZZA GOD I LOVE PIZZA!!
CatMon5 CatMon5 May 31, 2017
Studdring sucks I only have a minor one but it gets so bad that my class was shouting "JUST GET IT OUT ALREADY " at me that didn't help -_- I also have ADHD and Dyslexia too yay problems!
Aqwascale Aqwascale Sep 20, 2016
Haveing dyslexia can mean your good at one of those things, or more.
JayLovesStix JayLovesStix Sep 04, 2016
Wait wait wait wait wait what is Anti's secret past? ;^; I wanna know
UnicornEmpress2004 UnicornEmpress2004 Dec 28, 2016
lol I have all of the fears,disorders, and anxieties that they have lol 😝
Chuck_A_Cupcake Chuck_A_Cupcake Dec 29, 2016
Reminds me of my cousin (btw he is awesome) but he always makes fun of himself in a funny wat