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My Chemical Frerard By babykittengee Updated Sep 19, 2016

A story about two boys that couldn't be more different. 
Gee Way. 
Gee Way is a cute little feminine boy. He loves skirts and dresses and in general everything that's pretty. 
He's the victim of bullying because of being openly gay and wearing clothes that are made for girls (fuck the gender roles!). So his mom makes him change to another school. A boarding school. Gee prefers to get bullied than to be someone who he isn't.

Frank Iero is your stereotypical popular bad boy that is in the football team and bullies other students. His group of friends are homophobic assholes that's why Frank is a closet gay and plays along. Frank much rather pretends to be someone he isn't than to be bullied. 

What happens when their paths cross. Can Gee open up Franks Eyes?

dasher- dasher- Dec 12, 2016
gerard, honey, all you have to do is squash him with your foot, he isn't that big and scary
LawlietGuilbert LawlietGuilbert Sep 17, 2016
Hey erm sorry i really like that story and want to ask to translate it into german?
nihilist_blues_ nihilist_blues_ Nov 01, 2016
The boys and girls in the clique. The awful names that they stick. You're never gonna fit in much kid
darla61239 darla61239 Nov 06, 2016
You ever read a fanfic and you just wanna smash something into a characters face? Well, thatshowi feel aboutfrank right around now...
daddy_frank daddy_frank Jul 31, 2016
Ohemgee. I know how hard it is to update when you have writers block or anything like that. But if you could, update soon please. I can already tell that I'm going to love this. <3
mychemicalwaywardson mychemicalwaywardson Oct 09, 2016
So in 6th grade I had the locker number 666 and so it was 6666. That was a fun year