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The Carriers (#wattys 2017)

The Carriers (#wattys 2017)

3.2K Reads 470 Votes 20 Part Story
Katharine Francis By K_E_Francis Updated Jul 16

*Please read author's note first to make sure this is a story for you!*

Ally Carson reluctantly returns home after receiving a panicked call about her parents death. Two days later she's standing in a town she swore she'd never come back to. What Ally doesn't realize is she just entered into a parasitic war zone where the dead will soon out number the living. The warning on the welcome sign should have been a red flag. Don't eat the meat. Don't drink the water. Don't get sick. Thank God she's a vegetarian.  
One sentence synopsis: Tainted meat turns a small farming town into a parasitic zombie war zone only a vegetarian can handle.  
  Highest rating in horror so far #197

*Rated R for  strong language, a few sexual situations and murder involving zombies. Nothing too bad if you watch rated R movies.   
*I will do my best to post a new chapter every Monday so make sure to follow and add the book so you can get notified. 
     It comes in five stages.
      Stage one: Contamination. Don't eat the meat. Don't drink the water.  
      Stage two: Black mouth. It's like cotton mouth, only your teeth fall out of your head and you mouth turns black. 
      Stage three: Coma. Think of this as a nice vacation from puking your guts out.  
      Stage four: Death. Sadly, for most people, this stage doesn't come soon enough. 
      Stage five: Reanimation. Or the "Ah, hell no!" stage.

MsAnnabele MsAnnabele Apr 05
This iis better than the rest, other than the one I've aready commented remanded me of Wayward Pines (hand scratched cover).
Road2Woodbury Road2Woodbury Oct 11, 2016
@K_E_Francis I had to borrow them but I plan on buying them when I get the chance. I'm excited to get into this story that you have written here, I mean by the title alone, I'm excited.
Shimaira Shimaira Oct 16, 2016
I like number 2 and 3, but I'm missing the current subtitle--and I really like your subtitle :)
Road2Woodbury Road2Woodbury Oct 11, 2016
Walking Dead comic reader :D I'm not finished yet, I mean caught up on them, I stopped not long after Negan's arrival in Alexandria and I planned on reading from the start again.
K_E_Francis K_E_Francis Oct 14, 2016
@RachidaAnejjar  You can try reading the first chapter of The Experiment: Adrift. That has more acton.
Shreya_The_Best_1602 Shreya_The_Best_1602 Oct 23, 2016
This looks more suitable for a werewolf story I guess
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