Always And Forever

Always And Forever

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Sequel to 'His Little Hybrid.'

~If Nothing Saves Us From Death, 
May Love At Least Save Us From Life~ Pablo Neruda 

Klaus is gone. Taken away by the one and only Marcellus. You'd wonder why he'd take him instead of his beautiful mate, and original wife, who may I mention is pregnant? There's one reason, and one reason only, which no ones knows yet. 

It's been three months of searching, three months of torture, three months of pain, three months of having to feed off of originals blood, and three months of pregnancy. How much longer will Electrica be able to last without her mate? With a Tribrid (s) growing inside of her? 

She's trying to fight as much as she can, she won't give up without a fight. Not yet. 


I suggest that if you haven't read the first book 'His Little Hybrid' that you read that first or you will be very, very lost.

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