Beyond (Completed)

Beyond (Completed)

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°Humanity was no longer at the top of the food chain. We were now simply just mere prey.°

For years, humanity has enjoyed a period of prosperity and progress.  Fueled by the evolving innovations of scientific industries such as Elysium Corp, the people of the United Kingdom have long forgotten the dangers of going against nature.

But when disaster strikes and the country's faith is shattered, Elysium is left to pick up the pieces. As cities descend into chaos and paranoia rises, survivors are forced into hiding. The hunters have become the hunted. 

As prepared as Elysium is for a catastrophe, they are running out of time to save the country and themselves.  No matter how many forces they gather to fight the entities, it seems their efforts are no match for their mysterious enemies. The country is beginning to grow restless, and it seems all hope has been lost.

Athena Redwood knew that her life wasn't going to be easy after the incident, but when she decides to join the army and fight against the entities- things get a lot more difficult. 

She discovers there's more to her world than she originally thought, and maybe some things are better left undiscovered...

©All rights reserved. This story is mine and mine only, if you see anyone publishing this elsewhere (not that they will lol) please tell me!

Cover by @bluecherrylush

Thanks to @delphinion for being an absolute blessing- Beyond wouldn't even be on here if she didn't support me and convince me to click the publish button!


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