Secret Through Life (Ohshc x Oc)

Secret Through Life (Ohshc x Oc)

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_enomoto_ By maskedjoker12345 Updated Jan 05

The rain was falling hard around us, so hard that it blinded my view. A tall yet intimidating man stood before me.
We stood in a straight line facing at each other, making it seem like a stare-off. I was soaked to the bone trying to get a word out of my parched throat but nothing came. He spoke first.

"Why.... Why..... Why did you do this to me!?!" He bellowed loudly making me flinch under his cold glare.

"I-I-I'm so so-" I tried to say but my throat wouldn't let me so I kept a poker face mask on.

"Leave! Disappear! Get out of my life you ungrateful whore!" He kept screaming in my face, but still I kept a cold stare on my face.

"I'm sorry fath-" My throat finally allowed but when the man heard this he screamed yet again.

"Shut up! You don't deserve to call me that!" He cut me off with, giving me a punch in my stomach making me dye the rain around me red but still I did not flinch, being used to the pain and not giving him the satisfaction of hearing me scream.

"Get out.... now." Is all he said sternly, but softly before he walked away and I hit the ground with a thump as darkness consumed me whole.

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lunawish12 lunawish12 Apr 11
So she ran away from her abusive father to go live with a abusive couple 
                              \( ._.)/  'ight sounds legit.
S-s-sports!!!??!???? Waeyo?!! I luv sports so much 😭😭😭
Don't we all hate sluts. I mean common. Just 'cause your ex was one, doesn't mean you like em'.
PuppyCake47STTCarrot PuppyCake47STTCarrot Jan 07, 2017
Um... At the beginning it says "An tall" its supposed to be "A tall" I'm sorry, I just have spelling OCD, if that's even a thing.
TheLoneWhiteWolfx TheLoneWhiteWolfx Jan 22, 2017
Tamaki and the twins, you can't forget about the twins (*cough cough* everyone in the other comments *cough cough*
Meltingtofu Meltingtofu Aug 19, 2016
is it a coincidence that ya named her after the evil butterfly "Akuma".......