Shortness of Breath ( Blind ) ✔

Shortness of Breath ( Blind ) ✔

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ₜₕₐₜ ₐᵤₜₕₒᵣ By SadVampire_ Completed

[COMPLETED but being rewritten ]

[ Highest ranking #402 in teen fiction]

( Includes screenshots of text messages of the characters )

In the middle of ending his life, a hopeless blind guy finds it. He finds life; when he finds her. And with shortness of her own breath, she explained life to him.

She explained everything about life even though she knew nothing about life. She convinced him that the universe was made just to be seen by his very eyes. She taught him the courage of the stars before she left...

Cesca32204 Cesca32204 Jul 06
This was the first Wattpad story to make me cry don't get rid of it
sintiabibi sintiabibi Dec 31, 2016
It was 7.51K just yesterday literally now its 7.64K  im proud of u ♡
This is a really good plot idea, has no mistakes and is just a generally interesting. I love this so far, and you have a great writing style! Keep going :D