Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go

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[•SAD VAMPIRE• ] By Sad_Vampire_ Completed

Warning: This might make you laugh until your stomach hurts and then make you cry your eyes out.


The sound of rain is so peaceful, why isn't our life as peaceful as the sound of rain? 

Why does it have to contradict and be as aggressive as a rainstorm? 

Ren was the boy every girl wanted, the basketball captain, with a perfect body, green eyes, tall, charming and arrogant.

Girls wanted to have him, and boys want to be like him.

His life was pure sunshine.

After a forsaken accident, he still was charming, with a perfect body and surely enough, was still arrogant, but these beautiful green eyes of his, have no longer worked and were hidden behind a pair of Ray-Ban shades ever since ; useless, as he called them.

Thunderstorms and tsunamis represent Ren's entire existence now.

So, Ren is now arrogant, charming , a pessimist and blind, unlike Alexis, who is sweet, beautiful, optimistic and annoying, as he calls her, opposites attract, remember?

Alexis is the sun in Ren's life now. However; Alexis a soft storm that evolves into a tornado soon. 

So to Ren, instead of playing basketball, he works out. Instead of spending his time with a girl, he locks himself in his room and listens to music. He hit the pit of despair.

But Alexis changed everything, she's Ren's sun.

Caden, the current basketball captain, let's just say Caden is Ren before he got blind; the guy every girl wants.

Every girl but Alexis, she wanted the guy who turned the butterflies in her stomach to bulls and cows; Alexis wanted Ren.

Caden is a cloudy sky, caught between sunshine and rain; aimless.

You just don't know if it's gonna rain or not.

What happens when Ren finally is happy again, and finds his eyes to this world, Alexis?

What is the optimistic and hopeful  Alexis hiding?

ANDY!!!! *Fan girl Attack ~ starts making random breathing noises that resemble a dying seal*
almadukaj almadukaj Oct 03
I really like how you ended this chapter. Great clincher! I love the contrasting characteristics between the two; one an optimist, and the other a pessimist.
LucaBelle LucaBelle Sep 04
Awesome chapter. Nice dialogue, it flowed cohesively and was realistic. I'm loving the characters, Ren and Lexi. Your writing style is descriptive but also enticing. I cannot wait for the next chapter!
Aww; I always fall for that when my nephew does them 👀😍😂
chasingfun chasingfun Aug 02
I'm a senior doing Advanced Chem and I have no idea what that is😳
messytessa messytessa Aug 02
I think I dislike Ren's character, he's kinda rude lol. I think you should add some more descriptions around your dialogue too, but other than that, awesome chapter!