Never Let Me Go (NLMG) × Completed ×

Never Let Me Go (NLMG) × Completed ×

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Nicole Quinn By Sad_Vampire_ Completed

Warning: This might make you laugh until your stomach hurts and then make you cry your eyes out.


The sound of rain is so peaceful, why isn't our life as peaceful as the sound of rain? 

Why does it have to contradict and be as aggressive as a rainstorm? 

Ren was the boy every girl wanted, the basketball captain, with a perfect body, green eyes, tall, charming and arrogant.

Girls wanted to have him, and boys wanted to be like him.

After the forsaken car, Ren was left COMEPLETELY sightless, lifeless, heartless and distant from everyone, unlike Alexis, who sees the beautiful in every ugly. 

They say opposites attract, right?

LucaBelle LucaBelle Sep 04, 2016
Awesome chapter. Nice dialogue, it flowed cohesively and was realistic. I'm loving the characters, Ren and Lexi. Your writing style is descriptive but also enticing. I cannot wait for the next chapter!
Izzy_Winchester1864 Izzy_Winchester1864 Oct 20, 2016
Aww; I always fall for that when my nephew does them 👀😍😂
LittleAussie LittleAussie Dec 06, 2016
Good so far. English isn't your first language though, is it?
I liked the end of the book a lot, just in the beginning I didn't really grasp the concept in the beginning because it was all over the place, but towards the end it became much clearer for me. I'm starting to like Ren a lot and that he's not your average athlete and the diversity in it too.  #slbc
axdjames1989 axdjames1989 Aug 24, 2016
Your english is just magnificent! You also have a talent in writing! I fnd it very enjoyable!!
almadukaj almadukaj Oct 03, 2016
I'm already loving this book; I loved the reference to spongebob, and your descriptions of the scenery and people is just amazing!