Miraculously Roommates

Miraculously Roommates

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Claudia 🐞 By lucky_ladynoir Updated 2 days ago

Marinette and Adrien end up as roommates in college. With the new romantic tension, and responsibility of being Paris's saviours, will their identities remain secret? Will Adrien and Marinette get together without 

Sequel is up and completed and is set after this. 

I do not own miraculous ladybug, its characters, themes, locations, or otherwise.

ilovedonut1 ilovedonut1 Jan 04
Oh wait what if this was all a big joke on Adrien? Noo please say this is real
Hypenotist Hypenotist Dec 31, 2016
a sister, only for my protection I will say sister...not girlfriend or crush or couple or...BEST FRAND
NtheBird NtheBird Dec 20, 2016
He knows how to drive? I always assumed he never bothered to learn(or forgot) because he had people to drive him around.
Little_American Little_American Dec 03, 2016
That kids, is the modern version of the end of How The Grinch Stile Christmas
KitKatMerows KitKatMerows 3 days ago
Totally didn't go to YouTube to see the transformation to make it more real
Uh-huuuuuuh*smirks* you get her bro. *lightly hits him in the arm* -in the deepest darkest pits of her soul, she fangirls like a teenager(she is a teen but still)-