Miraculously Roommates

Miraculously Roommates

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Claudia ? By lucky_ladynoir Completed

Marinette and Adrien end up as roommates in college. With the new romantic tension, and responsibility of being Paris's saviours, will their identities remain secret? Will Adrien and Marinette get together without 


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wolfdragon2004 wolfdragon2004 6 days ago
Somebody call the police, Gabriel Agreste has been kidnapped! Oh no, Plagg has too!
JaneShadowGamer JaneShadowGamer 6 days ago
1st of all gabriel knows
                              2nd of all if you so smart then who is ladybug
InsaneBowler InsaneBowler 3 days ago
It's great that you have the story set up where there going to college. Some how i'm trying to imaging Marinette expression when she finds out about Adrien plans.
My_Autistic_Life My_Autistic_Life 5 days ago
Oh my god it's so good!:) Keep it up I can't to read the next parts. Oh and please don't stop until it is over!
wolfdragon2004 wolfdragon2004 6 days ago
"Your welcome"? "my boy"? "enjoy the sleepover"? Who is this man?
                              P.S. First time Gabriel ever called his son anything but Adrien
wolfdragon2004 wolfdragon2004 6 days ago
"He never showed much affection"
                              Passive aggressive much, Adrien?