Bowser X Reader

Bowser X Reader

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That_One_Gay_Smol By That_One_Gay_Smol Updated Apr 09

Sequel to my previous Bowser X Reader, it won't make a lot of sense if you haven't read it.

Credit to LonlyDemonic, who created the awesome cover! Thanks for being so awesome! Go and follow her, because she is awesome! 

Warning: Lots of grammar/spelling mistakes!

You and Bowser are finally married, but the only problem is that the koopalings would rather be left alone than to get to know their new step mom! Not only that, but being Queen of Darkland comes with marrying Bowser. You still don't know everything about Bowser, even though you both are married now.

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Hi starving
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LonlyDemonic LonlyDemonic Jul 06, 2016
COOL! +almost done with the cover, it may not be the best though.