Broken But Strong

Broken But Strong

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These words flashed in my mind as I received my punishment. Kick after kick, punch after punch. 
"Please, I beg you, please stop!" I screamed as a brutal kick was sent my way, causing me to fly backwards.

"Remember, Leah. Nobody wants you. Nobody cares about you. The world would be a happier place without you." My father sneered at me, giving me a final kick before finally walking out of my bedroom, straightening his business suit like nothing ever happened.

Whimpering on the floor, a few tears escaped my eyes. It was not because of the pain I was in, and definitely not because of the pity I felt for myself. It was because I had accepted the harsh truth. I was unwanted, useless, and weak. Sobbing hysterically, I curled up on my bed as I cried myself to sleep.


Leah Taylor is a wallflower. She's that quiet girl who's existence is unknown to the world. No one knew her, no one cared. No one bothered to show concern for the girl who would limp through the school hallways, no one bothered to look under the hoodie covering her face. No one knew that Leah was being abused by her stepfather. No one knew what Leah went through.

Asher Chase is the Alpha of the Maroon Pack, one of the deadliest packs in America. He is that guy who had the looks, the girls, and the money. Girls came running to him, and guys desperately wanted to be him. He was rude, cocky, and had a heart of ice.

When Asher transferred into a new school due to their pack moving from Los Angeles to California, he found Leah, his mate. Put Asher and Leah together and you have a perfect combination of tears, happiness, sadness, and ultimately, love.

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Cyber_Trash_here Cyber_Trash_here Mar 31, 2017
Boi there aren't that few that wake up like that, there are waaaaaay more than a few
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😡 ur freakin fault for not blowing! U came down to early she would not wanted it to match ur "cold" attiditude
WinterSoldierFangirl WinterSoldierFangirl Jul 28, 2016
Los Angeles is in California, haha 😄 
                              Did he move to a specific place?
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