Until We Meet Again (A Percy Jackson Chaos Story)

Until We Meet Again (A Percy Jackson Chaos Story)

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SilentEyes21 By SilentEyes21 Updated Sep 28, 2017

The war against Gaea is over and Camp Jupiter has made peace with Camp Half-Blood. Percy Jackson is dead and both camps are mourning the loss of a great hero. 

Chaos is planning to make an army. He needs a commander, and Percy seems perfect for the job. He confronts Percy and gives him a few offers, earning a yes from the son of Poseidon. 

Chaos has his army, and the two camps continue to miss the great Percy Jackson. 

What will the army be needed for? Will Percy get to see his friends again? 


This is not like other Chaos stories. Percy isn't abandoned by the two camps or by the gods in this story. I hope you find something enjoyable with this version of the Chaos stories.

[First Published: June 29th, 2016]

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters, or anything else. I only own the plot of this piece of fanfic.

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TheWolfgirlWarrior TheWolfgirlWarrior Aug 02, 2017
dad....... I'm so sorry to say but- *cries uncontrollably* Percy died.... my brother died........
Percabethfoever1231 Percabethfoever1231 Dec 20, 2016
U have NO idea how long I've been looking for a story that Percy isn't betrayed
Leavinnng Leavinnng Jul 31, 2016
Leavinnng Leavinnng Jul 31, 2016
U DI WAT 2 PERCE?!?!?!???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111