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FontCest, SansCest and Papcest OneShots

FontCest, SansCest and Papcest OneShots

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Kave By KEEMA_V Updated Apr 20

If your not a fan of FontCest, do not read this book... You can read all the  description here just to see what this book is about though! 
    If you don't know what FontCest is, it's basically Incest, so Papyrus X Sans. There will be a bit of 
    Sans X Sans and Papyrus X Papyrus as well, and maybe include a lil bit of Gaster in there. Cause AU's are kewl. 
    I know incest is wrong but I can't help it! It's su kute! >v<. And I stand proud with my fact of shipping different AU's as well. And hey, at least I know a lot of other people out there ship it too, that at least makes me feel... Well less like a weird shipping nerd... XD
    Anyways... These aren't perfect cause I just like to write my ideas here for FontCest... Soo, yeah... I'm just a lil gal who's full of Undertale and shipping trash. XD
    I need help... :,,,)
    P.S. This will not have any smut in it, so... sorry horny nerds... This isn't exactly the book you're looking for. :) 
    Although if I do end up making something close to it, it'd just be funny and not proper.
    P.P.S The cover picture is not mine. I just added a bunch of fancy filters and stuff and wrote ma name one it. :D

Can I make a request?
                              Underswap papyrus and Underfell papyrus?
yeah, and he's not ready to come out *badum tsssss* I AM NOT SORRY
I wouldn't want to suck off any food from my friends jacket, but damn hOW I LOVE HOW IT SMELLS *-*
I realized that us sans could make spaghetti, while ut papyrus could make tacos better than the others, that'd be greatttt
Toughanimepie Toughanimepie Oct 26, 2016
Is it bad if I imagined US sans with a high pitch voice? Like, a childs voice?
The_Insane_Narwhal The_Insane_Narwhal Dec 10, 2016
Isn't it normal to think your bro is cute? I mean... Think them as hot or sexy... Ummm.... Then there's a problem... XD