The Last Human {Natsu X Reader}  [SLOW UPDATES]

The Last Human {Natsu X Reader} [SLOW UPDATES]

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♥︎ Kate Quintanar ♥︎ By XxTheFairyQueenxX Updated Aug 10

The demons took over once their powerful leader, E.N.D, awoke from his 400 year slumber. Once crowned king, E.N.D had his army of demons kill every last human in Fiore. Except one. The girl who was known as The Last Human on Earth land.
She was Natsu's best friend from birth, since she was the daughter of Atlas. But Natsu was gone and it's become her goal to bring him back. She'll stop at nothing to take down E.N.D and his kingdom of demons, all for one man.

But in a twisted turn of events, Natsu isn't the only one who needs to be saved. It's all up to a demon, a wizard and a cat to save all of Fiore.

What's a UA I know AU is alternate universe but I have never heard of UA