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Irreplaceable Underswap Papyrus X Reader

Irreplaceable Underswap Papyrus X Reader

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who's laughing now? By -Bendy- Completed

Chara was your baby sister, both of you were orphans....One day she goes missing and you think you know where she went...Mt.Ebott she must have thought the legends were true, just hope that you (y/n) are there in time to help your sister

Imagine a ghost trying to run! 
                              It's hilarious! 😄😄😄
NotIsAmber NotIsAmber Aug 30, 2016
EnD i w0oD hEV GutIN aWEi wIf it Tu, iF iT WaseNt Fur daT MEdDLing FiUR  SoL.
hina_chan___ hina_chan___ Oct 19, 2016
......... So apparently i drink...... Wow my life must be crappy
cajunotaku0998 cajunotaku0998 Dec 19, 2016
Am I the only one who is thinking it would look like fire whiskey from Harry Potter?
FlowerCutie04 FlowerCutie04 Oct 03, 2016
Did you really think a cockroach would answer? Or even Chara to pop outta the hole (like she did the first time 😏) and say "wassup sis"
FormSans96 FormSans96 Aug 24, 2016
I think that is a confusing and disturbing sentence. I only just. Priced it. By the way, great story.