No Future (Camila/You)

No Future (Camila/You)

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notcrybutpry By notcrybutpry Updated May 23

(Y/N) (Y/LN) seems like your average teenage girl. But she's not. She has a past that she rather not speak about because it brings so many painful memories. Not to mention her life at the moment isn't the best. Why? Well because of her father of course. It's like he's dead set on making his daughters life horrible. By telling her that she is nothing and will never be nothing. That she has no future. Well after hearing it so many times (Y/N) has started to believe it. But can 5 girls come into her life unexpectedly and changed that. Especially one girl in particular. Camila Cabello. 

(Y/N) G!P

Cover Done By: SLOTHTATO

This reminds me of that video where they sang a group chat an at the end Camila was all "sad emoji".
When the teacher gives you detention for talking when the whole class is talking and you not even talking