Unexpected Allies (Yoonseok)

Unexpected Allies (Yoonseok)

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Kayla By applesauce01 Updated Jun 29

Jung Hoseok is the innocent, submissive boy that a lot of people like to take advantage at Hit Acadamy. He is a straight-a student, really nice, and is literal sunshine. But people thought that the way he was was a reason to pick on him. He never really had any friends. But in junior year of highschool things begin to get out of hand. 
But things change as a new student comes in the middle of the school year. He makes even the meanest bullies cower in fear. He seems  to have no drive for anything and refused to let a single person in his facinity. 

He didnt have any friends at the school. He was too anti-social and intimidating to make friends.

But Hoseok being the sunshine sees pass the coldness and manages to wiggle a way into the "horrible" guy that was Min Yoongi. 

His bullying problem takes an interesting turn once him and Yoongi start to hang out.

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Can I please kill someone? I promise I know the basics and the guy deserves it anyways
Um no you're gonna wish you didn't send that letter when I fly through this book to land these hand on your throat
jj_llxma jj_llxma Jun 29
i freaked out so much by the thought of jungkook being in 7th grade, already hella sure of his feelings and sexual orientation that my phone fell into the trash
Omg Hobi be prepared! On the first day of school I usually bring one notebook, one folder, and a pencil. (And my phone of course can't forget the necessities ;^)))))
Hobis_Hope Hobis_Hope Sep 09
Please please please tell me this isn't Yoongi. Please make Yoongi the dark broody kid that will save Hobi from that guy and then walk off being like "pffff I didn't save you" when he actually likes Hobi's smile
Oh god I'm going into 8th and it feels weird to technically be older than Kook in this when he's actually 7 years older than you ㅠ_ㅠ