Billionaires daughter ~ young justice fanfic ~

Billionaires daughter ~ young justice fanfic ~

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gravitysuniverse By gravitysuniverse Updated Jan 18

Alfred opens the door of the famous Wayne manor 

When he finds a basket with a baby inside

Her name is Crystal and her mother is none other than Thalia Al Ghul

Bruce knows who crystals mom is but refuses to tell her.

Crystals determined to find out who she is and the only clue she has is an emerald pendent

The emerald Is magical 

It heals the owner in any situation 

Whether it's a bullet wound or a sliced finger

But in the wrong hands can so much as destroy the world

this is before the famous damian Wayne. 

When she grows up she lives a perfect life. 

She gets good grades 

has a lot of money

 lives in a mansion 

and is a super hero at night

 the last thing she expected was falling in love with her best friend a.k.a dick Grayson. 

They fight side by side whether it's a bully at school or a thug at night. 

Will they ever be together

Will Grayson feel the same way

Will other people get in the way of true love 

Read to find out 

~I do not own DC Comics or Young Justice or any of the characters except for Crystal and possibly other OCs that I make~

~ entry in the DC watty awards ~

Me when I finally understand what my twin Sids are saying :3
arrowlover1928 arrowlover1928 Nov 06, 2016
OMG i was dying at the end of thr chapter😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
tatertottaylor tatertottaylor a day ago
But that doesn't Match Up If she's 10 months and it Takes 9 Months to Develope
MrsGrayson777 MrsGrayson777 Dec 28, 2016
I thought this said "five days later" I was like. 😱wow that's one smart little girl😂😂😂
                              Me: *touches* NOTHING HAPPENED