The Most Beautiful Forbidden Fruit (Phan)

The Most Beautiful Forbidden Fruit (Phan)

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Rachel By skeletonflowers Updated Jan 03

"Never fall in love with a human, for it is the worst fate to fall upon a witch."

In a world where witches and humans live side-by-side, a war breaks out after the two species procreate, producing bloodthirsty children. As a result, the government puts laws into place: Witches and humans must never fall in love or bear children. It's a rule that Dan Howell and his family have lived hand-in-hand with, even going so far as to make sure that Dan never has prolonged contact with the other species. When Dan goes to his favourite magic shop one day, he meets the new employee, Phil Lester. A human who he can't seem to get rid of.

Cover creds: pretive
Prompt creds: moondaniel

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si_joule si_joule Jul 03
If someone doesn't give me this cat right now i will draw blood from some unfortunate human
WordsAblaze WordsAblaze Sep 13
That's the best reaction to a talking cat ever, and the best slightly awkward end of a first conversation!
pandafreakx pandafreakx Nov 12
i just realized that phil is allergic to cats so i hope they'll meet each other soon xD
A talking plant spell? Holy hell would I love to be able to talk to my houseplants. I wonder if they'd approve of what I've named them.
moonhead_ moonhead_ Aug 24
cats don't care about social constructs created by modern society
Man, big mOOD RIGHT HERE (tbh we are horrible... well in some ways iguess but we'll all die anyway :'^)))