Broken Into Pieces (Levi X Reader)

Broken Into Pieces (Levi X Reader)

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Dawn Flames By DeadlySinDawn Updated 5 days ago

Levi, known as a cold, heartless man. But what if someone can change his way.

*This is a little information to help along the way!*

You used to live in the underground. Left for dead, raped, and abused. 

When you turned 12 you joined the 104 trainees.

But once u graduate, who will be the one to pick up the broken pieces of what's left of you?

(Y/N) name
(H/C) hair color
(H/L) hair length
(N/n) Nick name
(L/n) last name

YYYAAASS! I swear. When I first saw levi, I was like. 😍😚😘😍😚😚😘😍 OMG HES MY BAE!
Dude......I have a habit of trying to sing the theme song in Japanese in class
I love this already. Like, LEVI IS SEMPAI! I FRICKING LOVE ATTACK ON TITAN! *Ahem* Sorry about that. My inner fangirl took over me XD
I have the attack on Titan survey Corps cape, and jacket like their assigned jacket. And a attack on Titan hat. Attack on Titan brackets. And attack on Titan posters
A hint most people ignore this book because some were actually Raped and Abused. Like me. It's kinda A Trigger lol.