King Solomon's Wives: Hunted

King Solomon's Wives: Hunted

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The two thousand descendants of King Solomon’s ancient harem have the ultimate power of seduction: Their very touch is as addictive as any drug.

But that power comes at a price: Wives die giving birth. They can only bear daughters. They are only fertile until the age of twenty-four.

Hunted for hundreds of generations by men who crave their touch and fear its power, the Wives have kept safe by following three simple rules:

    A Wife shall have no meaningful relationships outside the clan.
    A Wife’s addictive touch may be used only for procreation or to protect the clan.
    A Wife shall sacrifice herself for her daughter at the age of twenty-four.

But tonight, the rules have been broken, and someone must pay.

In the blistering first episode of King Solomon’s Wives, we meet Sumarra on the night she plans to conceive. Instead, she and the other wives find themselves under attack from a group of male hunters, intent on destroying them.

Sumarra has always broken small rules and indulged rebellious tendencies. Now that the Wives have been found, her defiance will either be their salvation or her own undoing.

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SushmaaChandralekha SushmaaChandralekha Jul 24, 2016
Tech guru and I will have to go with the other hand I have been working on it but it's still not sure what the check to you and the rest of the individual named above by the way to do with the other had a good I hate it is been working
wavygyalk wavygyalk Feb 08, 2015
I like this it has that real feeling to it that makes you want to search to see if this could've possibly happened
Ebonwing8 Ebonwing8 Aug 26, 2014
I like it so far! And now I know that the main character's all special and stuff.
LouieBumpass LouieBumpass Apr 24, 2014
It means that there a themed night and he going to ask her out and show here his warehouse
KieraBobiera KieraBobiera Apr 04, 2014
This is such a great book. Coliloquy, the publisher, just posted another one of their series on Wattpad:
Mustab Mustab Nov 19, 2013
i just started reading but its quite innovative and its creepy good :)