the lucky ones ÷ wang ambw (discontinued)

the lucky ones ÷ wang ambw (discontinued)

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jay, ur local gay By sarcasticsykes Completed

❝sounds like someone's daydreaming again. probably about girls with chocolate-colored skin, right?❞

milestones !! 
    ⇢ began: 6/28/16
       ⇢ published: 7/20/16
           ⇢ ended: 5/19/17

discontinued !!

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thiccjck thiccjck Apr 22
Like I said I be on JB's dïck 24/7 I'll try 😂 I'm omw JB don't have to know
Omg y'all know him and Bretman Rock are cousins that's wilddd
me when it's raining my hair is thick and curly and when water hits it...
ocopops ocopops Jan 14
Well, if only this was true, and he came to look in Australia
kimkanie kimkanie Feb 04
How he just gonna lick his lips then try to act all cute after
S-T-O-P-I-T S-T-O-P-I-T Jan 15
She's gonna sooo think you're gay. I have no problem with gay people tho. Just saying.