The Bad Boy's Secret (Book 1)

The Bad Boy's Secret (Book 1)

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Jenna By Jenleighna Completed

(Book 1) "What exactly did you do to get kicked out of your last school?" I felt my chest tighten when the vicious smirk played across Noah's lips.  He leaned toward me in a flash, pressing me against my bedroom wall.  "If I told you, I would have to kill you." 

Willow Abernathy is your cliche good girl.  Grades are pristine, homework is always turned in on time, and she never misses her curfew.  Noah Lockwood is the poster boy of the term "Bad Boy".  He shows up during the first day of Willow's Junior year.  Despite the one year difference, they end up seeing a lot of each other.  The secrets Noah's icy blue eyes hold, won't be held for long.  Willow denies the temptation, and Noah ignores it.  It doesn't take long for Willow to find out what she needs to know about him.  He's a drummer, his family is loaded, and he was kicked out of his last school for unknown reasons.  Noah's blurred past catches up to him, and things get out of his hands and falls into Willow's lap.

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elysiani elysiani Feb 06
Ayyyyyy. No. Mi no like the new cover. (All authors seem to be changing their covers these days. It's usually the ones I liked the most ._. )
Does anyone know the guy in the book cover? I'm dying to know.
I don't see how it could be THAT bad. I have read a few of the books by the same  author who wrote this and I liked them all.
Heh. First book I'm reading from you anyways. xD 
                              But it looked good, so I thought I should read it. I like the cover by the way.
caarterex caarterex Feb 09
I like you as an author just by reading this lol. Straight forward 🙌😂