Alpha of the Rogues

Alpha of the Rogues

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Golden By burntbrulee Updated Dec 24, 2015

Tingles spread all across my body and I snapped my head to see his. Both dark, savage eyes peered into mine, and I knew exactly what I hadn't wanted was happening. 

* * * * *

They called him the Alpha of the Rogues. They said he couldn't be tamed. They said he was too evil for a mate. So imagine my surprise when he called me his.

*cover by _Evanescence

insenatic insenatic Dec 19, 2016
My mom likes to walk in my room at 2am naked on meth trying to vacuum my hard wood floors
Shadddowss Shadddowss 2 days ago
(It probably just sounds really weird to me because I'm imagining an adult and a little girl not an 18 and 26 year old
TheGoldenKookie TheGoldenKookie 4 days ago
most children dont wanna be scared to death but this gurl sure is something
Hazmat_Suit_Girl Hazmat_Suit_Girl Dec 26, 2016
This is what happens when us wattpadians are asked to tell a bed time story.
AndreaMCf AndreaMCf Dec 23, 2016
My grandmother used to tell me scary stories when I was young and at the end she would always say " and that's why u don't do that okay honey?" I think she was trying to scare me in order for me to not do bad things? 😕
Shadddowss Shadddowss 2 days ago
It's sounds like a good sized age gap, but maybe I'm so used to high school cliches of senior year I'm just not used to this
                              I'm so stoked to read more!