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Better Than You (Battle of the Captains #2)

Better Than You (Battle of the Captains #2)

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kail By seakissed Updated Jul 06, 2016

(Second book of Battle of the Captains)

Northwood soccer captains Bryce Jacobs and Maddie Tate have had to share things all their lives- their first soccer ball, their weekly family dinners, the soccer spotlight and now they have to share the field.

Having moms who are best friends has basically bound them for life but having a competitive streak makes it hard to be best friends. Despite being tied by the hip their whole childhood, they've grown far about and far more competitive than before. 

When the girl's soccer team loses their coach, the coach of the boy's team takes them in for the meantime, forcing Bryce and Maddie to play nice like they did as kids, forcing them to be co-captains. They are individual teams, practicing as one, adding to the amount of time they have to spend together and restarting the cycle of sharing between the two.

They can work together if they can stop trying to fight the obvious chemistry. But what if they realize that they really are the dream team their parents believed them to be? 

What if sharing isn't such a bad thing?

Kirsten613 Kirsten613 Aug 10, 2016
IM WORRYING!! I just need kody to confess her love for Austin and then I can move on with my life
Kool_Kake_ Kool_Kake_ Jul 26, 2016
I spent the whole night reading BOTC. Pretty sure Imma need glasses now.
Frozen_Harlem Frozen_Harlem Sep 02, 2016
I love the cover. The girl looks like she's gonna knee him in the balls.
clvanderpool clvanderpool Nov 23, 2016
I almost cryed when BOTC ended then I saw this and started 'dancing' like a lunatic
not-all-there not-all-there Jul 23, 2016
I have to reread the first book to refresh my memory, but HELL YES!!! IM SO FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!!
dleted dleted Jul 25, 2016
OMG YES! Battle of the captains was the first book i read on wattpad! It was frickin amazing! I need to reread it for the third time now :D IM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS THO!!!