Animals [Junkrat X Reader]

Animals [Junkrat X Reader]

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Neige | Candy By Candyespeon Updated Aug 18, 2016

Overwatch has split into two diverse groups: the Protectors and the Outlaws. Ever since the conflict of the Omnics have ended -- Soldier: 76 and Reaper argued about the group's lifespan causing them to split up. You stayed with the Protectors and fought alongside them to end the Outlaws. You were doing just fine until Junkrat decided to play with you. Oh, you hated that junker so much. 

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-Overwatch belongs to Blizzard
-Artwork displayed belongs to their artists
-Can someone give me the source of who made the cover art? I can't seem to find them and I want to give credit
-I feel like this is a bit fast paced I'm soryry
-I hate Junkrat but I also love playing as him smh
-This will be a short story, very short
-Story and plot belongs to me (Neige/Insanityespeon/QueenCandyness)

sinnerinroll sinnerinroll Jul 13, 2016
Oh my god I love this! I can't wait for Jamie to get some action ;)))
Liviplier Liviplier Jul 03, 2016
I'm so glad that you put this on here from copying it from quotev! :D Cause I was reading it on there until quotev became a jerk so I couldn't finish it but since you put it on here I'm super happy! ^^
Ashiwen Ashiwen Jul 12, 2016
ahh, this is amazing! please continue this, if it's not a bother to you.
obsessiveperson obsessiveperson Jul 20, 2016
Omg this is so well written and I love the story line alot everything about this is fhdlehekjekrhe please write more whenever you can :D