(Sexual Øffenderman X Reader)

(Sexual Øffenderman X Reader)

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Minx the murderer By smileingXD Updated Jul 27, 2016

Hello I'm going to write this fanfic because 1 OFFENDERMAN IS BÆ!!!!! And two I was just so inspired by a friends work that I just had to try for myself 

...oh and if you want to know what the story is about you'll just have to read it :3

Y/n = your name

F/d = favorite drink

H/c = hair color 

E/c = eye color

KattJones4 KattJones4 Sep 07, 2016
Well thanks a lot! Now imma get knocked up by that creep!!!!
AngieRobles3 AngieRobles3 Aug 07, 2016
Your right holy mother of me -blushes and haves a never ending nose bleed-
SageAnne2003 SageAnne2003 Jul 06, 2016
I love this book. It is perfect.  Good to read before you go to bed...yay. nightmares
DanielleNicoleAnsald DanielleNicoleAnsald Aug 20, 2016
I know what she's watching 
                              IT'S BOOBY FROM 1999 THE LOCAL CALEDON 21 FROM CREEPYPASTA *fangirl scream*
Hiyori_Akuma Hiyori_Akuma Oct 27, 2016
he's saying this with his damn arousing voice?! goddamn... O/////O
SCP_129228 SCP_129228 Jun 29, 2016
Thank you for mentioning me dude!
                              I'm thankful!!!!
                              Thank you once again!