(Sexual Øffenderman X Reader)

(Sexual Øffenderman X Reader)

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Minx the murderer By smileingXD Updated Jul 27, 2016

Hello I'm going to write this fanfic because 1 OFFENDERMAN IS BÆ!!!!! And two I was just so inspired by a friends work that I just had to try for myself 

...oh and if you want to know what the story is about you'll just have to read it :3

Y/n = your name

F/d = favorite drink

H/c = hair color 

E/c = eye color

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ThatBabyQuinnDoh ThatBabyQuinnDoh Nov 24, 2017
Sometimes I wonder why I read these things but honestly its become apart of my life 😂😂 Smexy is my daily routine
bork_itz_ty bork_itz_ty Jan 04
I’m reading this at night....it actually is making me scared for some reason
IloveDarkJack IloveDarkJack Nov 22, 2017
Some lines sounds sped up a bit like something joker would say
BestGirlEver704 BestGirlEver704 Apr 23, 2017
Royal is mah fave soda so that is what I'm gonna drink thank you.
blackdragonlotus blackdragonlotus Jun 16, 2017
DDDDDD= AHHHHHH NO!! NOT THAT AGAIN!! 1999 that brought back memories. One of my first cp :')
giggley_boi giggley_boi Jun 02, 2017
•-• watch out-ur gona get raped if u dont were that soon