(Sexual Øffenderman X Reader)

(Sexual Øffenderman X Reader)

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Minx the murderer By smileingXD Updated Jul 27, 2016

Hello I'm going to write this fanfic because 1 OFFENDERMAN IS BÆ!!!!! And two I was just so inspired by a friends work that I just had to try for myself 

...oh and if you want to know what the story is about you'll just have to read it :3

Y/n = your name

F/d = favorite drink

H/c = hair color 

E/c = eye color

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Royal is mah fave soda so that is what I'm gonna drink thank you.
DDDDDD= AHHHHHH NO!! NOT THAT AGAIN!! 1999 that brought back memories. One of my first cp :')
giggley_boi giggley_boi Jun 02
•-• watch out-ur gona get raped if u dont were that soon
KattJones4 KattJones4 Sep 07, 2016
Well thanks a lot! Now imma get knocked up by that creep!!!!
Yes... You need to stay close to the lightning. IT IS SAFE KIDS! IT FRIES YOU and that is S A F E... lmfao X3
Uh, I think you have to add two crosses in he circle to make the operator sign, if you use "one"then ur just making a "twenty one pilots" reference :T awesome story tho, I'm getting nose bleeds lmao