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Going Insane (boyxboy)

Going Insane (boyxboy)

144K Reads 3.8K Votes 16 Part Story
Alisia By xXxX_Loveless_xXxX Updated Dec 22, 2014

Austin's life was normal. He had a girlfriend that he loved, two best friends to hang out with and a very good reputation of being straight A student, captain of basketball team and a sweetheart for all the other girls in school. Everything was fine until his cousin showed up in his door with his two friends. His cousin, Oliver, not only was handsome but someone would do anything he wants, his straightforward and he will do anything to do everything on his bucket list whatever the cost. 

The atmosphere will stay friendly between them or they will catch a fire? What about Oliver's past? Can Austin handle the demon of Oliver's past or is it too much to handle? 

I hope it's going to stay PG-13. Only people who like boyxboy can read it. I would not tolerate homophobic comments.