Making Senpai Notice Me (Pisces x Scorpio)

Making Senpai Notice Me (Pisces x Scorpio)

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Ʈᵅᵋ Ʈᵅᵋ'⸉ ᵏᵒᵒᵏᵎᵋ By Little_Penguinz Completed

|completed| A love story between a Pisces girl and a Scorpio boy. 

"Don't expect to plant a rose garden without any thorns"

[Making Senpai notice me]

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Am a Pisces who hate math😂😂 My Taurus friend always scold me as I'm so careless at it and is perfetionist of sort. And my crush is also scorpio😄 he asked me out but I can't answer him cause he is living in another place😧 I hope we can stay tohether in another life
What about the sensitive and creative aspects? I had a crush, never asked his sign tho. Also, love math!
mizzed_it mizzed_it Apr 08
I hate math and I don't like people so i don't tend to talk to NEW people so I guess that's shy... I try my hardest to be loud instead of quiet AND IT WORKS I'm louder now... YAY
At my school, we have a math teacher who gives us pi shaped sugar cookies on national pi day!
TabbyMax TabbyMax Jul 12, 2016
Math is Mental Abuse To Humans. I like you - you is already awesome.
eedeeyot eedeeyot Jan 15
Im all of those in the description except adorable and cute...