An Unlikely Pair [MxM]

An Unlikely Pair [MxM]

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The Damned Soul By TheDamnedSoul Completed

[2nd in the Stubborn Mate Series]

Stryker Conland; the most deadly alpha in the coyote community. He's known for his cunning, cold exterior, and fowl mouth. But in the end he is a great alpha who would do anything and everything to ensure the safety of his pack. 

Cedric Warfield; he's seen by the pack as strong, loyal, and the greatest leader the Silver Creek Pack has ever seen. But like every werewolf out there, he wants to find his mate, and he will stop at nothing when he finds him.

With his pack growing in size Cedric looks to expand, and ends up tresspassing the Clawstone pack, and meets the alpha Stryker Conland. Both realized as soon as their eyes met that they were ment to be. Cedric is happy that he finally found his mate, except for one problem; Stryker wants nothing to do with him. 

Will Cedric's determination be enough to win Stryker's heart? Or will Stryker let his past demons dictate his life?

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mystery_powers mystery_powers Jul 11, 2017
What if nightmares are the brain's way of punishing themselves for being stupid sometimes
_Lemon_Cakes_ _Lemon_Cakes_ Jul 19, 2016
Wait if this is the third  and 'My stubborn mate' was the first...where is the second book?